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iForex.com Review

by No1Reviews.com. Last updated: 05 December 2016

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IForex allows clients to access a range of international products including currencies, commodities, indices and shares. They provide mobile, web-based and FXnet Trader platforms for all your trading needs, allowing for one-click deals on more than 200 tradable instruments. Several trading tools are also freely available, plus CFD options and educational resources such as 1 on 1 learning sessions. Please remember that you can lose your deposit whilst trading online. 

  Mobile, web-based and FXnet Trader platforms for all your trading needs.  

Let’s start with a look at the trading platforms available through iForex.com. Their mobile options allow you to trade over 200 currency pairs, commodities and indices, with quick trades and transfers. You can constantly keep a check on your positions, easily adding or withdrawing from your online wallet. The mobile app even allows you to check balance sheets, equity and your margin details, and you can personalise your layout to suit your particular needs and preferences.

A web-based trading platform is also available, again offering more than 200 tradable instruments. There’s no download needed, so you can check on your account from any machine connected to the internet. This is fully protected with firewall access management and a secure 128 bit SSL environment. The final platform option is FXnet Trader, which requires a download but is designed for easy use for Windows users. You can see all the necessary data on a single screen, can execute details easily and can personalise your layout to suit your style. 

View all your trading information on a single screen with FXnet Trader.
View all your trading information on a single screen with FXnet Trader.

Several trading tools are also available, including an economic calendar and customisable charts, which include over forty studies (which can be overlaid for currency pairs and commodities). You can also check multiple time frames to better spot trends, helping to visually track movements and make more informed predictions. Alternatively, you can better time your purchases and sales using iForex’s advanced trading signals. These allow you to discover recent market trends, receive alerts about your preferred products or learn about new markets.

Several instruments are available through iForex.com, let’s consider those now.

Binary options

Gain a return of up to 86% on you initial investment, with pre-structured rewards. These options are suitable for beginners and more advanced traders, with a simple system which provides instant profit once a contract expires. You can be very particular about the amount you invest, with options including stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. A beginner’s guide is also available, as well as support from the team of specialists. 1 on 1 lessons can also be attended, helping you to see the potential high points and pitfalls of your approaches. Full overviews of binary options and an FAQ are also available.


Trade on global markets such as UK 100, Europe 50, Japan 225 and US 30. You can now trade on your preferred indices in the form of Contracts For Difference (CFD), with regular updates on popular indices price fluctuations. A guide to indices spreads, margins and more is also available. 


Metals (gold, silver, platinum), energies (natural gas and oil) and soft commodities (such as sugar, soybeans and coffee) are readily available for trade, with live rates. There are dozens to choose from, with somewhat lesser-known commodities such as cotton and palladium, and regular price and news updates to help inform your trading decisions. You can overlay charts to view product prices and market changes over time, to better predict future commodities conditions.


Invest in your favourite companies from around the world, including Apple, Canon, Coca-Cola, and Disney. Take advantage of low spreads (in some cases, almost 0 pips), with data on margins. There are no commission charges so you can build a varied portfolio, utilising the site’s leverage (in some cases up to 400:1) to make the greatest profit from a small investment.


Invest in a range of products through Contract For Difference trades, including on the indices and commodities markets. You can also take advantage of tools such as fundamental and technical analysis, economic calendars and more. Exchange rates are readily available and frequently updated, with guides to CFD trading, plus the potential risks and benefits of this approach. CFD leverage is up to 200:1, allowing you to reduce portfolio expenses with regular trades whilst investing in major players in the markets.


Learn how to make wise trading decisions on the currency exchange markets. A range of videos are available to support your learning, or you can gain expertise from 1 on 1 support. The iForex blog provides information on recent developments on currency pairs, which include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY and NZD/USD. There are more than 90 pairs to choose from, with trading 24 hours a day, 5.5 days per week. Leverage is up to 400:1 so you can invest a small amount and still see returns on currency shifts.


iForex opens the doors to plenty of markets. It also offers several platforms so that you can trade from the office or on the move. Its spreads and fees are competitive, with no commission on trades, making it suitable for short-term deals and varying portfolios. We were also pleased to see a selection of educational options, making this a useful resource for new traders. 

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