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AAAFx.com provides multiple trading platforms, primarily for Forex (currency) trades. You can try your hand at the markets using a demo account, or take advantage of the website’s simulation tools to see how much profit or loss you could make. They also provide a social network of more than half a million members, with options to auto trade, meaning you can buy or sell currencies when you’re away from the screen. As with any online trading tools, please remember that you can lose money, as well as potentially making a profit.

  Buy or sell currencies when you’re away.  

Predicting market changes is a big part of online trading, and AAAFx allows you to do this with several key tools. We were particularly interested in their simulation options, where you can set balances, leverage rates, periods of trade, opening lots and more. The system then provides figures on potential profit or loss, how many trades were opened, received and closed, and more. Graphical data can also be provided so you can view progress over time, picking to highlight particular signal providers. 

Simulate Forex scenarios to your specific requirements.
Simulate Forex scenarios to your specific requirements.

ZuluTrade is used for many of the main Forex features, with two Zulu platforms available to users: ZuluTrading and ZuluTrade. ZuluTrading, or ZTP, allows you to control trades for Forex and CFD manual trades (rather than automatic trades). ZTP creates charts and indicators so you can tailor things to your particular requirements. Users can also create trading algorithms to build future strategies.

The other option, ZuluTrade, is better suited to users who are interested in social trading. Using this platform, you can find successful traders and automatically follow their account to copy their trading signals, meaning you really don’t need much experience in online trading to potentially turn a profit.

Two other trading platforms are available: MetaTrader4, which is widely used and has advanced market analysis tools; as well as the site’s binary options web trader which allows you to make quick decisions as to whether asset values will go up or down (in as little as a minute). It’s all web-based so you don’t need to download a thing.

Simple user interface allows you to check data and move between key market features easily.
Simple user interface allows you to check data and move between key market features easily.

Aside from platforms, AAAFx.com provides new users with a 10% deposit bonus, with a number of links which show current spreads and margins. You can also check the site’s rollover calendar, where you’ll find out which currency markets have had interest paid or earned on positions held overnight.

  Multiple trading platforms will prove useful as you develop your trading techniques.  

Forex trading options are the key feature of AAAFx, so it’s a useful website to explore if you’re interested in trading currencies. In particular, we think that the auto trader will be of use to new traders who are just getting into online trading, as it means you can automatically copy trades by other users. The analytics tools provided on the multiple trading platforms will prove useful as you develop your trading techniques. If you’re still unsure about your chances on the Forex markets, you can always open a demo account to practice your tactics and find out whether or not you’d have made a profit on your investment, without the risk.


AAAFx.com will appeal to new and more seasoned Forex traders. Its binary options are also worth considering, particularly as they have a dedicated platform for binary trades. Whether or not you choose to use AAAFx exclusively, it’s a useful website to visit for current Forex trading information and trading platform updates.

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