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IronFX Review

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IronFX is an online trading service specialising in Forex, Spot Metals, Futures markets and Shares. It considers itself “The global leader in online trading”, running regular contests and promotions to help encourage regular traders. Whilst they maintain competitive spreads to reduce costs, it’s important to remember that trading online can result in losses. To help you to maximise your trading potential, IronFX.com offer a selection of different trading accounts and trading platforms, plus a variety of useful tools to help you better analyse the markets.

View global market opening times.
View global market opening times.

We were pleased to find a variety of trading accounts available. These include Micro, Premium and VIP. You can vary accounts depending on fixed versus floating spreads, no commission accounts and more. User choice is taken a step further still through a wide selection of trading platforms. You can choose from MT4, PMAM, Webtrader 4 or AutoTrade trading platforms, each of which comes with its own unique benefits and focuses. Autotrade, for example, allows you to copy (or mirror) the trading actions of others for social copy trading. This allows you to build a portfolio of trades based on the investments of other traders, who may (or may not) have a greater understanding of particularly lucrative markets. These platforms will work on a variety of devices including PC and Mac, Android and mobile tablet devices. It is worth checking which platforms will work effectively on your devices before you begin trading with real money.

  You can choose from MT4, PMAM, Webtrader 4 or AutoTrade trading platforms.  

IronFX.com provides an online academy which is a useful resource for improving your trading techniques. This includes a Forex encyclopaedia (for those tricky terms), educational videos, e-books, plus regular webinars and seminars. You can also locate expos and other live events in your area, should you wish to be more involved in the online trading communities. These all add up to a substantial support network, which is further developed through the site’s online live chat support. 

Live currency rates and economic news can quickly be accessed from IronFX’s homepage, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest trends, even if you’re on the move. Buying and selling is quick and easy, too, particularly if you have your preferred platform installed on multiple devices so that you can trade in the office, at home or when you’re on the move. You can also keep up to date with live economic news to help predict potential gains or losses.

Check live currency rates and news on a variety of devices
Check live currency rates and news on a variety of devices

We briefly mentioned that IronFX focuses on four key trading products: Forex, Spot Metals, Futures and Shares. Let’s examine those in more detail.

Forex trading

<pull-location4>Trade currencies around the clock for 5 days a week. IronFX’s platforms are unique to their users and have won multiple awards for Forex trading. You can also select your own leverage rates, anywhere between 1:1 all the way to 1:500 to gain the impact of large market shifts on smaller investments. They also offer tight spreads starting at 0 pips. You can <pullquote4>easily view spreads, swaps, contract details and leverage levels</pullquote4> to help decide which currency pairs are worth your consideration. Popular and lesser-known pairs are available for trade, so you can identify untapped markets quickly.

Filter Forex trade data with ease.
Filter Forex trade data with ease.

Spot metals

Silver and gold trades are open to IronFX users. CFDs on spot metals are available in USD or EUR and there are also hedging opportunities because of the liquidity of the markets. Again, this service utilises an award winning trading platform, plus there is only a 1% margin required for spot metals. These trades can be high gain but are also high risk, and can result in the loss of all your capital. 


Large trade volumes allow for a fast-paced, exciting market which allows you to trade on price margins before a future closing date. In short, you invest at one price, then take your profit or loss depending on the price of that commodity on a pre-decided day in the future. You can diversify your portfolios by trading on an equity index or a variety of futures instruments, spreading your bets or choosing to focus in on a particular favourite choice. Again, you can filter information based on the market or commodity, spreads, swaps and more. Plenty of information on potential investments is provided, so you can decide what you think might make a profit in the future.


Take short or long positions on CFDs, allowing you to trade on companies’ shares without needing to own a physical share. The site offers short selling so that you can quickly trade, which is particularly important in volatile (high activity) markets such as CFD share trading. Trading conditions (such as spreads, commissions and margins) can be viewed quickly and easily for a wide range of share options.


  A reliable, professional service for trading.  

IronFX prides itself on being a reliable, professional service for trading in four key products (Forex, Metals, Shares and Futures) online. It offers a wide variety of trading platforms and account types to suit all budgets and investment preferences. Its academy and research areas are also worth investigating, as well as the regular promotions and contests which can add an extra bonus here and there for regular traders. 

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