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AJ Bell YouInvest Review

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AJ Bell YouInvest offers online investment opportunities, with managed deal options for clients who need some guidance from a trading professional. You can invest in shares, funds, trusts, bonds, warrants and commodities. The site allows you to calculate and compare their charges with other online investors and trading sites, so you can clearly see how much their services might cost. As with any online trading or investment, it’s important to remember that you can lose money.

  For clients who need some guidance from a trading professional.  

The main difference between YouInvest.com and many of its competitors, is that its services are often in longer-term portfolio investments rather than quick trades. However, you can  withdraw your money when you want to. Another difference is that you can get support from professional investment managers, which is especially useful when getting involved with investment trusts.

AJ Bell YouInvest offers trading portfolios run by professional managers who have put in extensive research ahead of your involvement. This takes the pressure off you, if you trust in their research capabilities. You can also check some of this information for yourself, with a variety of updated graphs and figures at your disposal. You can also find out which options have been rising and which have been falling.

View market information, gathered by the investment team.
View market information, gathered by the investment team.

All site visitors can find recent investment articles and news, which you can search if you need to find something very particular. Other tools include searches for markets with most liquidity, high/low breakouts, volume leaders, most active shares and more.

  Four key investment services available: shares, funds, investment trusts and ETFs.  

There are four key investment services available: shares, funds, investment trusts and ETFs.

Investing in shares allows you to buy directly into listed companies, dealing with 21 markets across the world. Deals start from under £5, with an upper limit of £9.95 per deal. You can also view company reports, shares quickranks and directors’ dealings.

Funds provide interesting portfolio options run by professional fund managers. There are more than 4,000 funds to choose from, with low (0.2%) custody charges, with a maximum of £200 per year.

Investment trusts are somewhat similar, but are quoted on the London Stock Exchange and are traded as shares. 

Exchange traded funds (otherwise known as ETFs or Tracker Funds) allow you to track a variety of stock market indices. Again, these are quoted on the LSE, with low dealing charges and in-depth research which includes screener and quickrank.

If none of those appeal to you, you can also deal in bonds (government and corporate), permanent interest bearing share, warrants and exchange trade commodities. 


We feel that AJ Bell You Invest is probably best suited to new traders and investors, who might need a little extra support compiling portfolios and choosing wise investments. Whilst you pay for this service, prices are reasonable and affordable, and you can take advantage of the team’s expertise. This isn’t quite as quick and thrilling an opportunity as taking full control of your investments, but it’s a potentially safer option.

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