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Delta Stock Review

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Delta Stock provides access to key markets for Forex, Indices, CFD and metals trades. You can control your investments using two platforms (Delta Trading or MetaTrader 4), and the site provides an array of useful trading resources, including calendars, calculators and daily updates on markets. You can also open a demo account to try your hand at trading without financial risk, but upgrading to a full live account can result in capital losses as well as gains.

  You can control your investments using two platforms (Delta Trading or MetaTrader 4).  

Choose from two strong trading platforms through DeltaStock.com. The first, MetaTrader, is well known to seasoned traders, and it a user-friendly platform for amateur and professional traders alike. The second option is Delta Trading, which combines professional analytical and charts tools with an intuitive user interface. Both are worth exploring and are free to use, plus the website provides costs for trades using each system, as well as highlighting the advantages of each. For example, Delta Trading comes with 80 technical indicators and some unique features which you won't find elsewhere.

View multiple pages and charts using the Delta Trading platform.
View multiple pages and charts using the Delta Trading platform.

If you're not ready to risk your cash, you can sign up for a demo account. This allows you to see how you might have fared had you made investments. It's not a feature which is unique to this website, but it's still good to see. Another positive of Delta Stock is its customer support. We asked for help and received quick, accurate answers within seconds from a trained professional.

There are several markets to trade on, so let's look at those in a little more detail.


Trade at up to 1:200 leverage on currency pair exchanges, with fixed spreads starting at 2 pips. Major currency pairs are available, plus you can explore points for open positions (long and short), with details of rollover values. Forex markets are open to trade 24 hours a day during weekdays. 


Contracts for difference are available for shares, indices, futures and ETFs. If you're not sure what those are, the site has information explaining the ins and outs. This range means you can build up some interesting portfolios and investment options, with clear trading conditions, margin calendars and more for each.


The only commodities available on DeltaStock.com are metals (namely, gold and silver). This is quite limited compared with other trading websites, but it's still there if you want to explore their limited range. You can view instant quotes, with current asking prices, highs and lows available at a single click.


Choose from dozens of international indices, including Hong Kong, UK, Japan, US, Germany and Australia. There's no maximum order size, no commission, and interest of 3% annually. You invest in a large collection of portfolios, paying a fraction of the price (from 1%), only paying the spread.


Although Delta Stock doesn't have the sheer variety of markets or investment opportunities of some websites, it does have a lot to offer. Two trading platforms, great customer service and a solid foundation of trading options (particularly if you're interested in CFDs) make it worth considering. 

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