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Dukascopy Review

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Dukascopy is a Swiss Forex bank and marketplace, offering users access to a wide range of international markets. It also offers a varied selection of trading platforms to suit your experience and needs, with banking options and plenty of bonuses for new and existing members. Please remember that money can be lost whilst trading online.

  A range of community features and market information which could prove incredibly useful.  

Swiss Bank is world renowned, and through Dukascopy.com you can open a current account, demo FX or live FX account and start trading. Aside from banking and trading, the website also provides a range of community features and market information which could prove incredibly useful.

Tools include an in-depth currency converter.
Tools include an in-depth currency converter.

We were particularly pleased to see that this service allows you to communicate with other members, seek out great traders and copy their actions. Essentially, this means that you can follow and mimic the actions of other traders, potentially improving your chances of making a profit whilst reducing the knowledge and work required to do so.

Other community features include blog posts and an instant messenger which allows you to send and receive encrypted messages. Friends can also use the Dukascopy app to make cash transfers between friends, which is great if you want someone to help you make an investment or pay a royalty.

  An instant messenger which allows you to send and receive encrypted messages.  

Regular contests and bonuses provide another reason to trade with Dukascopy. These are regular and generous, with bonuses for new members and committed users alike. Webinars and business programs also help users to get to  grips with online trading, with up to date market information provided through online news sites, trade pattern ideas, analysis pages and more.

Track market changes instantly.
Track market changes instantly.

If you're new to trading online then you might want to try out the site's demo accounts, which provide you with virtual money to invest. You can then check how you might have done on the real markets, and whether you may have turned a profit. A variety of prediction articles, analysis tools and more can also develop your trading skills.

Binary Options

Easily trade on a wide variety of financial markets, with varying costs, profits and risks. These are simple to understand, with the risks and payouts outlined in advance. You can also choose from a set of trading and refund, or trade-off options to match your trading strategies. You also don't need a lot of money to trade in binary options on Dukascopy.com, with trades starting from just 1 USD. At the time of our review, Anniversary Bonuses were also available on binary trades, with web trade platforms, as well as platforms for Android and Apple devices.


Trade currencies with competitive spreads (around 0.5 pips for GBP/USD) and a wide choice in trading orders (allowing you to set your limits for loss). You can make instant sales and purchases, using secure funds, equal prices for all users (rather than better deals for richer clients) and Forex-exclusive news and trading tips.


Small investments on the CFD markets allow you to trade on rising and falling markets using high leverage to reap potential rewards. Dukascopy also offers extended trading hours on several key CFD instruments, with hedging possibilities to cover any losses you might predict (through short selling). 


Trade metals and crude oils on US and UK markets, with CFD trading. Leverage on commodities trading is 1:30, which is lower than we've seen elsewhere, and with a very limited range of commodities to trade. If you're particularly interested in trading more unusual or exotic commodities, we recommend that you probably look elsewhere. 


Invest in global stock markets, including UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, Japan and US. The site gives a list of the components of each index, including the major companies involved, plus point values and leverage (1:100). 


With several professional trading platforms, access to wide variety of markets, and a trusted financial institution behind it, Dukascopy feels like a safe pair of hands. What's more, you can copy successful traders' actions, with automatic trade options allowing you to set your risk limits. Whilst it doesn't have everything for everyone, Dukascopy.com does a fine job at providing online trading platforms and tools for traders of all experiences and preferences.

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