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InstaForex Review

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InstaForex.com is primarily a Forex trading service, utilising the MetaTrader platform. The service offers some very tempting bonuses to its members, including interest on their credit and deposit bonuses. In addition, there’s an array of useful trading tools for beginners and professionals, many of which are worth checking out. As with any online trades, it’s important to remember that money can be lost as well as earned.

  an array of useful trading tools for beginners and professionals.  

We were particularly impressed by the professional tools, which allow for much quicker analysis and trading. The “one click trade” is particularly useful on Forex markets, in which currency pairs can quickly gain and lose momentum. You can also choose from a variety of trading options such as fixed spreads or no spreads, depending on the level of risk you wish to engage with. Of course, bigger risks mean bigger potential payoffs, but also potentially greater losses if things don’t work out in your favour. Deciding your own risk levels on the Forex markets is an interesting approach, and will allow you to build new techniques depending on your trading experience.

You can trade CFDs, options and futures on this site, allowing you to work to your strengths and gauge your own level of risk. Analytics tools are also available, such as news channels, analytical reviews, calendars, charts, market statistics and more. The news channels in particular are interesting as they’re highly focussed on currency markets but there are also several to choose from, so you can weigh up the odds using various reports on similar issues. 

InstaForex.com offers some competitive trading conditions, including the ability to deposit an unlimited amount of credit. This is particularly good because you can receive some impressive bonuses on your deposits, earning money for, essentially, doing nothing. Leverages also range from 1:1 to 1:1000 so you can make the most of market shifts.

  Leverages also range from 1:1 to 1:1000 so you can make the most of market shifts.  

If you’re new to trading, Insta Forex takes care of you. To start with, you can open a demo account, which allows you to try your hand at trading without any risk (or, of course, any profit). This will provide a useful means of testing out the trading platforms, exploring the online support and content, and to discover whether your trading decisions would have turned a profit. 

A number of training options are provided for beginners and other users who wish to improve their trading decisions. These include video tutorials relevant to trading on InstaForex, how to use MetaTrader platforms, plus training courses, video courses and a Forex trainer. Articles, FAQs, glossaries, statistics and other elements develop this educational realm further, providing a great resource to fall into. As you browse the website, you can compare and contrast up-to-date information on a range of markets relevant to Forex trading.

Instantly compare trader’s positions on Forex, CFD, Indices and Futures.
Instantly compare trader’s positions on Forex, CFD, Indices and Futures.

When browsing currency pairs, you can easily access recent information to identify trends and patterns. To get an even greater understanding of how pairs have interacted in the past, you can download documents and charts from the site’s archives, all free of charge. This is particularly useful if you really want to analyse markets and make predictions based on historically relevant data. 

Check recent currency pairs and download quotes archives.
Check recent currency pairs and download quotes archives.

Online support is somewhat lacking on InstaForex.com. Many trading websites allow you to talk directly with a member of their support team using instant messenger, but this isn’t a feature here. Instead, you are required to seek answers on the site’s numerous FAQs and articles. Another option is to visit the site’s community pages, where you’ll find forums, blog posts and more. This is really handy, but we would still like a more direct means of seeking support.


The MetaTrader4 platform is specially designed with Forex trading in mind. Forex trades are also facilitated through major counteragents, so you can access currency markets directly. In addition, live analysis tools provide a great way to assess market changes, with cent accounts available. Importantly, you can quickly replenish your account and make instant trades to make the most of fluctuations in currency pairs.

Specific Forex services are broken down into 8 key areas, so let’s consider some of the most important of those: Forex options include Intraday, Expiry, Options live feeds, training and quotes archives. ForexCopy system allows you to copy the trades of successful traders, so you don’t need to know anything about the markets in order to deal on them. You can also monitor these traders to see how successful they have been over time before deciding which of them to copy. PAMM-system essentially allows you to invest in Forex projects and (all going well) see a return on your investment. Meanwhile, several WebTrader and InstaWallet services allow you to easily move money between accounts and investments. 


There are well over 80 CFDs on US stocks, plus you can trade in CFDs on futures markets. High speed order executions come as standard, with mobile options to make sure you never miss out on a deal. 


Indices are a smaller element of InstaForex's trading options, but you can explore them using a PAMM account or ForexCopy account, with up to date buy-sell figures. The website includes access to some of the major Indices options, including those in the US and Europe.


InstaForex has a lot to offer its users. The site is well constructed, with relevant information and links to help you make informed decisions on Forex market trades. You can choose from a versatile range of approaches to suit your particular preferences and level of risk. We were also pleased by the site’s bonus systems, which seem to offer opportunities to make money through means other than direct trades. Whilst the site is a little limited in terms of its breadth of instruments and trading areas (it’s almost entirely for Forex trading), if you’re only interested in trading currencies, this is a worthwhile service to consider. Whether you’re new to Forex trading or want a service which offers you more bespoke options, we recommend visiting InstaForex.

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