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City Index Trading Review

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CityIndex allows you to trade on more than 12,000 global markets, which include shares, indices, Forex and commodities. They offer competitive prices, plus spread betting options, through the MetaTrader 4 platform. Expert advice is also available from professional traders, whilst the site allows you access to a range of useful trading and analytical tools. Please remember that online trading can result in the loss of your capital. 

  Trade on more than 12,000 global markets, which include shares, indices, Forex and commodities.  

We were particularly impressed by the sheer number of markets available to traders through CityIndex.co.uk. With more than 12,000 different markets to explore, there’s plenty of investment opportunity which you can use to your advantage if you’ve a particular specialisation. You can also reach into all the key areas, including global indices and major currency pairs. Up to date information is easy to access and assess, so you can make informed, quick trade decisions.

View instant changes in popular markets.
View instant changes in popular markets.

The MetaTrader4 platform is used by a wide range of online trading websites, and it’s a reliable package for traders from all backgrounds. In addition, though, City Index provides a variety of mobile trading apps to support MetaTrader, so you never need to miss a deal when on the move. AT Pro and Advantage Web are also available, offering you plenty of choice if you want to try another platform.

  CityIndex offers an impressive selection of professional trading tools.  

CityIndex offers an impressive selection of professional trading tools, including Recognia, Faraday Research and AT Pro. These allow you to access expert investment research, technical analysis tools and auto-trading strategies to help improve your chances of success.

Let’s look in more detail at a few more of markets available through City Index.


Watch videos which explain key information about the Forex markets and how they function. You can learn about leverage, the available currency pairs, types of orders and the various platforms which can be used with Forex trades. This site allows you to trade on common and exotic currency pairs, with up to 200:1 leverage. Fixed spreads are also available, and you can try your hand at Forex trading with zero risk, using a free demo account.


You can trade CFDs on over 11,000 markets through CityIndex.co.uk, and the site was voted the best CFD provider in 2016. Trades are free from stamp duty, and you can make profit from falling or rising markets, hedging your shares through building a portfolio. 


Speculate on key commodities including crude oil (UK or US – each with different spreads starting at 4pt), energy, grain, soybean oil, orange juice, sugar, cotton and other soft markets. Instantly find fixed or variable spreads, margins and trading hours. 


Trade on major indices (including FTSE100, German 30, France 40 and more) across the globe, any time of night or day. These include spread betting or CFD trading accounts, with fixed 1 point spreads on major indices. Indices trades are also available through desktop platforms or mobile apps.


City Index boasts an impressive number of markets, which you can easily access through a variety of platforms. This makes it a great service for anyone who wants to find a very particular or specialist product, or for traders who want to build a diverse portfolio. It has also won awards for its services, with low spreads in a number of key markets. So there are a lot of things to be tempted by with City Index.

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