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Alpari UK Review

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Alpari UK offers its clients two powerful trading platforms, plus access to Forex markets and investment portfolios. You can therefore choose to trade independently, relying on your instinct, experience and research, or choose to invest in the trading portfolios of experienced investment managers. The site also offers a few tools such as investment calculators, news feeds and training videos. Perhaps the biggest lures, however, are the site’s bonuses and competitions, providing an opportunity to earn money without risking your capital. As with any online trading or investment, it’s important to remember that you can lose money. 

  Powerful trading platforms, plus access to Forex markets and investment portfolios.  

Let’s talk about those bonuses and competitions to get things started. The bonuses vary depending on when you visit the site but, in general, Alpari offer cash back options and premium client bonuses, depending on your trading style. There are several special offers available throughout the year, including additional credit on your deposits, or free STAs and trade binary options, or commission-free deposits through specific payment options.

Several ongoing competitions add a fun competitive element to the website, encouraging clients to make regular investments. At the time of our review, the total prize fund was over $200,000, with 100 prizes available per month. Fulfilling particular tasks allows you an opportunity to win the prizes, which can be an exciting addition to regular trades.

Monitor markets, make successful trades and win the current bonus bank prize.
Monitor markets, make successful trades and win the current bonus bank prize.

Although there are metals and CFD options, AlpariUK primarily focuses on Forex and binary options. To help with this, you can download MetaTrader (4 or 5), which is a widely-used trading platform with tools for beginners and more advanced traders. Mobile platforms are also available for iPhone, iPad and Android, so you’ll never miss a trading opportunity. If you’re new to these platforms, the site offers Forex education videos and glossaries. Whilst this is useful, the educational resources are quite lacking in comparison with some other trading websites.

  Professionally-designed inbuilt analysis software.  

Alpari.com provides up to date articles which are designed to help analyse the markets. There are also a few links to videos and other resources. The MetaTrader platforms include professionally-designed inbuilt analysis software to help you better predict your potential profit or loss. A demo account can also be opened if you’d like to try your hand on the markets but you’d rather not risk losing any money. This is particularly useful if you’re just starting out and need a bit of practice before opening your wallet.

We feel that this site is probably best suited to members who want to trade on the Forex markets independently, or who wish to explore varied portfolios which are managed by professional traders. These portfolios offer a lower-risk investment option, with the risk spread across a wider range of products and markets, with multiple investors providing some security on investments. You can check out managers and their profiles, seeking out the top performers and choosing to invest in their decisions, which is a hands-off, lower-risk way of potentially turning a profit.

Find out which investment managers are performing well.
Find out which investment managers are performing well.

Aside from portfolios, the range of independent trades you can make on Alpari is more refined than on other websites. Forex rules, here, so if you’re keen to consider trading in currency pairs then this is a site worth considering. Let’s look at the Forex, Binary Options and other market options available through Alpari UK:


Alpari describes itself as “a world leader in the Forex industry”, offering compensation of up to 50% on money spent on commissions and spreads, meaning your costs aren’t as high as they might be elsewhere. In addition, they provide a maximum leverage of 1:1000, so you can really take advantage of market shifts without having to invest lots of capital. They also provide access to interbank liquidity which starts from just 0.01 lots. PAMM accounts are also available if you are an experienced trader and would like to earn a small percentage from the profits of your followers.

Binary Options

Binary options provide a quick and easy investment opportunity based on whether a price will rise or fall. Alpari allow you to make quick investments on binary options, commission free and with no minimum deposit. You simply select an option, an amount, and then whether you think the price will go up or down. Bonuses are applied to this trade format, allowing you to win a pot of credit for consecutive successful trades, which is a nice sweetener. 

Other markets (CFD and spot metals)

In addition to currency trades, you can also invest in portfolios and spot metals. Contracts for difference come with all the benefits and risks of investments without owning any physical property, making it a much easier process (and therefore better suited to online trading systems). To find out more about additional markets and investment opportunities, we recommend creating a free account with Alpari.com and seeking support where necessary. Their website lacks sufficient details on the breadth of their investment opportunities, but the support team can help if you’re looking for something particular.  


We feel that Alpari is best suited to clients who wish to make independent online investments in Forex markets, or anyone who wants to invest in a manager’s investment portfolio. This service is focussed on a few key areas, with plenty of bonuses and competitions to inspire regular trades. If you’re looking for a wider range of investment opportunities across markets, however, you may wish to look elsewhere. That said, if you’re a Forex fanatic and wish to try out some of the most popular trading platforms available, AlpariUK is worth exploring.  

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